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The inside scoop on how I like to use the products + why Marula Oil reigns supreme...

November 14, 2013 | 3 Comments

As if we weren't already excited enough about our gorgeous Virgin Marula Oil!  I've been experimenting with the Drunk Elephant products and I'm finding surprising ways to get the most out of them, while customizing the routine to fit my own personal needs.  Read on for some tips:

1. Because it's getting cold now and my skin is on the mature side ;), it's not necessary for me to cleanse my face twice a day...it's simply too much.  So, instead of using the Juju Bar every morning, I skip occasionally and opt instead for a warm washcloth that will gently exfoliate my skin of the dead cells that have accumulated overnight. 

2. When I apply my serums (day or night), I add 2-3 drops (or more) of our Virgin Marula.  It increases hydration and also acts as a carrier oil for the serums to get down deeper, right where I want them!  Since it is so "small molecule",  it can easily penetrate our skin, unlike other facial oils on the market that will clog your pores.  Try this, it makes a great difference!

3. The new Umbra Sunscreen is wonderful, if I do say so myself.  I've grown to appreciate that it goes on a tiny bit white, like any "physical" block, because it allows me to see where I'm applying it, and with skin cancer all over my family, I don't want to miss even one spot.  After a few minutes, the whiteness fades and your skin looks dewy and healthy...and, most importantly, is completely protected. 

The best advice I can give is not to become a slave to a "routine" set out by a skin care company.  I recommend a "routine" as a guideline, but experiment until you find what works best for you.  A young 20-something might be able to cleanse twice daily, but that's not always the case for someone in their 50's, so listen to your skin and act accordingly. 



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3 Responses

Drunk Elephant
Drunk Elephant

November 20, 2013

Hi Amanda!
It could be the colder air, of course, but cut back on the Juju Bar and see what happens. Once a day is really enough to cleanse your skin and you can even alternate the two bars at night for a while. Let your skin be the judge! I agree that the Marula Oil seems to make everything right! Glad you are finding that to be true as well. :))


November 20, 2013

Hi Tiffany! Is dry skin the main sign that I should do the JuJu bar every other day? I’ve noticed a little drying in the past couple weeks but chalked it up to colder air. Everything is perfect when I use the Marula oil and then have no more dryness throughout the day.


November 14, 2013

I have been using the Marula Oil every night before bed for almost 2 weeks. My skin looks better and feels better. I love it!

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