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"All Natural" Skin Care Isn't All Good

February 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

The term "all-natural" is all over the place these days. I questioned what it really meant when I figured out that the "all-natural" products I was using were making my skin blotchy and oily, my rosacea flare up and my pores more visible. It wasn't just the "all-natural" products that were doing this to my skin, but the expensive clinical products, too. Since my teen years, it feels like I’ve tried every product out there, and most have left me irritated and broken out – even the ones I purchased from a dermatologist. 

A few years ago, I ordered avocado oil online. I had read incredible things about it. After receiving it and enjoying a very brief love affair, I woke up one day to the same old thing – a bad breakout. It said "all-natural," so why was it breaking me out and making my rosacea worse? I checked the ingredients and there it was: essential oil. These essential oils often show up on product ingredient lists as “linalool,” “geraniol,” “limonene", "lavender", "bergamot" and "mandarin” among many others. Instead of leaving the avocado oil pure and best able to deliver results, the company had tossed in essential oil to make the product smell sweet. This seemed so unnatural to me. Why not just let it smell like avocado oil? So, like so many products before it, into the trash it went.

I did some research and discovered that our skin perceives essential oils to be chemical. From what I could gather, when we apply them to our skin, allergies and sensitivities develop over time. This bothered me because if you look at products specifically designed for sensitive skin, most contain essential oils. Frankly, I almost didn’t need to do the research, since my skin was telling me all I needed to know.

Now, getting to the point: all of this is why I developed Drunk Elephant. I examined every ingredient to determine if it was toxic or hazardous. I used many sources to determine this, including my chemist, because the internet is loaded with contradictory information. If it was deemed safe and non-toxic, it stayed in the product. We did not consider whether an ingredient was synthetic or natural. Our products contain both. We only considered toxicity levels, so we could keep the line extremely effective and extremely safe. We left out any and all traces of fragrance – natural or synthetic – and let the products just be

The one thing I hear from my customers more than any other thing is that they are able to use all of my products and their skin never gets irritated. They aren’t used to using a clinical-grade vitamin C serum, or a sunblock that doesn't break them out. They can't believe Virgin Marula Oil doesn't make their pores clogged or their skin greasy. They’re shocked that their skin has adjusted with no problem to the glycolic acid serum.

There is an abundance of great feedback, but this is just what we hear the most! Click on the bright orange “Reviews” tab at the bottom of this page to see more. We are so excited that our customers feel the same way we do.  


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