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Riddle: The More You Use It, The More You Need It. What Is It?

March 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

It could be a lot of things, but my guess is makeup. Foundation, mineral powder, concealer...all designed to cover up various skin issues and conditions, but is it a vicious cycle? Does the very use of makeup create a dependency? I was lucky because my mother never wore makeup, so I just grew up not thinking about it or wanting to use it. It’s possible that it ended up being a really good thing for my skin. 

I was very inspired by the question: “Is makeup at the root of some of our skin ailments?” There are differing views on this and it’s been widely debated. I personally believe that wearing makeup on a daily basis is a problem and so one of the goals for the D.E. line was to enable people to go without and let their skin breathe and heal.  So, what exactly does it take to restore skin health? I researched until I came up with a list of things I think we must have in our daily routine. Here is my list:

  1. Mild, low-pH cleanser that won't strip your skin
  2. Gentle mechanical (or physical) exfoliating product
  3. Vitamin C/antioxidant to repair and prevent UV damage
  4. A moisturizing product, free of pore-clogging ingredients
  5. A good physical sunblock, without chemical screens or toxins
  6. An exfoliating product, either chemical (e.g., lactic, glycolic, salicylic acids) or enzyme (e.g., pumpkin, pineapple, papaya), to dissolve the glue that holds skin cells on the surface of our skin. 

I felt very strongly too that the line should be non-toxic and free of any and all ingredients that do not directly benefit our skin health, like fragrances. So far, the strong feedback from our customers supports my theory. The D.E. line covers all the bases and represents a whole system geared towards achieving healthy skin that lets you bare it all. Everywhere you turn right now are cleanses, diets, and workout routines, all to motivate you to get ready for spring and summer. Why not add the bare-faced goal to your list so you can ditch the makeup in time for the warmer months? It’s possible – and then you can answer a better question...does the D.E. line restore your skin’s health to make you want to go bare-faced?  You tell us.

Happy spring!



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