DIY Coffee Shower Scrub...A Simple Indulgence

Posted by Tiffany Masterson on

With the Drunk Elephant line of products pampering your face every day, I bet your body's been feeling neglected.  Here's my DIY coffee shower scrub for those mornings (like today!) when I need something extra to pry me out of my fog:

1/2 cup virgin olive oil

1/8 cup ground coffee

1/8 cup superfine sugar

Mix together in a plastic or glass bowl.  Don't bother with a top to store it because you'll use every last drop.

I like to stand in the shower and slather it all over from my shoulders to my feet.  It makes quite a mess, but once the hot water hits, it smells so good you won't believe it, like a warm, cozy cup of coffee.  Gently buff your skin and rinse off with warm water.  Watch those dead skin cells go right down the drain!  There is no need to apply moisturizer afterwards because the olive oil coats your skin and leaves you with a gorgeous glow.  So simple, yet so effective. 

Happy scrubbing!



p.s.  I forgot to mention that this is also a cellulite-fighting exfoliant!




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