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Oil Pulling Has Me Very Curious

May 26, 2014 | 1 Comment

I've been reading about this Ayurvedic technique all over the place. I couldn't resist anymore so right now, my mouth is full of unrefined coconut oil. You can use sesame oil too, just make sure that whatever you use, it's unrefined and organic.  Hopefully, by the time I'm done writing this post, I'll be done with the "pulling" too. They tell you to start with a tablespoon, which can double in size as it draws out the toxins and bacteria from  your mouth. This is about to get interesting and my mouth is already tired.

You actually pull the oil through your teeth and swish it all around for TWENTY minutes. You should not get the oil in your throat, as you don't want the toxins to spread want the toxins to end up in your trash can. Here is a list of reported benefits associated with oil pulling:

  • whiter teeth
  • better breath
  • better skin: reduction in acne, psoriasis and eczema
  • lower incidence of cavities and gingivitis
  • fewer headaches and hangovers (who has time to drink when their mouth is full of oil? ;))
  • stronger teeth and gums
  • less jaw pain (specifically for TMJ sufferers)
  • better sleep
  • clearer sinuses/ fewer sinus infections
  • helps manage hormonal imbalance

I just finished and the oil does in fact get white and thick as you swish it around in your mouth.  I had read that it would.  My mouth feels really clean and fresh for sure, but I'm not convinced that that's not a result of flossing and brushing right after I spit everything out. I'm going to do this daily for the next two weeks. If you have any experience with this old practice, please share! I'm sure it can't hurt, but is it worth spending TWENTY minutes every morning? That's the question. Reading that it's a non-toxic way to benefit your skin (among other things) is enough to make me very curious!  I'll keep you posted.  

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July 27, 2014

Well, the results?

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