For Us, Awareness Is An Everyday Job

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I developed Drunk Elephant before I was so closely touched by breast cancer, but I've since become more determined and focused on what I can do to contribute to the fight against the brutal disease — even if it's something small. Our motto is "if there's any doubt, it's out." To be clear, we aren't saying there's a 100% chance the Blacklist ingredients will hurt or poison you. Instead, what we are saying is that if there is any uncertainty — any at all — Drunk Elephant won’t use it. It's that simple.


What makes adhering to this manifesto easy is the fact that there are always alternatives. If it's a synthetic preservative that gets a bad rap, we simply find a better alternative that we have no reason to believe is toxic or dangerous. It's playing it safe now, which is better than having to be be sorry later.


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we would like to ask that if you donate, you donate to a metastatic breast cancer fund (metastasis refers to the spread of cancer to different parts of the body). Lisa B. Adams is a blogger and metastatic breast cancer patient who has inspired me with her honesty and courage. All donations to her giving page go directly to metastatic breast cancer research at MSKCC.


Now through the end of October, Drunk Elephant will donate a portion of our proceeds to metastatic breast cancer research through MSKCC and MDACC, two top cancer centers. It's one thing we can do, along with doing our best to deliver safe products for generations to come.


Do regular self-checks, and please get those mammograms. If it hasn't touched you in some way yet, chances are that it will. So we at Drunk Elephant encourage you to educate yourself, make healthy choices, and invest and revel in the positive relationships around you. Every day counts.





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