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Clean-up Crew: When Cleansing Goes Too Far

November 07, 2014 | 0 Comments

“Squeaky” clean is not exactly what you should be going for when cleansing your skin. If after washing your skin is left taught and dry, the important protective barrier on your skin has been stripped away — and this is what triggers pesky blemishes and unsightly reactions. 

The goal in cleansing your skin is to get rid of dirt and grime but leave the acid mantel, i.e. that aforementioned defensive layer, in tact. A drying cleanser with a high PH level strips the dirt, grime and acid mantel  — and that’s what’s irritating your visage.

The acid mantel is your skin's essential layer that defends against moisture loss and infection. It’s also what makes your skin look smooth and supple (and yes, youthful!). So when it’s harshly washed away, your skin is left defenseless, confused and upset (not to mention rough and dry). 


So here’s what we recommend: Stop using harsh soaps (most of which have a pH level of 9 or above) and opt instead for something like the D.E. Pekee Bar with an ideal pH-level of 6.51, which will get rid of the bad stuff but keep the skin’s protective barrier. 

Then, layer on a multi-tasking glycolic serum like D.E. T.L.C. Framboos. With the acid mantel still in tact from gentle cleansing, the skin will take to the Framboos right away. The end result? Less breakouts and blackheads and healthy, happy skin tone.   

As always, it’s our commitment to you and your pretty face not to put anything in our products that could harm you, like colorants, fragrances or irritating essential oils. 

Give proper cleansing a shot and put your best face forward. We can’t wait to see the transformative results.


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