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Quick Fixes for Small Skin Delimmas — Straight from the Source

February 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

Sometimes it seems hardly a week goes by without a small skin dilemma, due to changes in the weather, hormonal stress or what have you. Hopefully you’re using the Drunk Elephant product line, and as a result, are experiencing these small stressors less frequently as your skin is reset to a healthy state. But there’s no such thing as perfect, so we’re here to help you through those pesky guest appearances with our recommended remedies below. 

Banish a blemish 

Back away from the mirror and drop those fingers! Do not, under any circumstance, squeeze the sensitive spot. This will only push impurities further down. Instead, try a facial steam bath after cleansing. Carefully place boiling water in a bowl and lean your face close to the heat. Cover your head with a towel to trap the steam, and let nature do its job. Next, dab on TLC Framboos or a natural powdered clay mixed with water to pull the gunk out faster.

Kiss chapped lips goodbye 

Think thick. You don’t want anything to penetrate your lips; rather, you want to protect them. So slather a layer of thick goodness across your smackers to lock and block in moisture. Shea butter or cocoa butter will do the trick and put you on the road to recovery. 

Eliminate dry patches

Reach for the fridge. More specifically, reach for your breakfast. Plain, organic Greek yogurt works wonders in that it eats away at the “glue” of the dead skin cells, thus breaking down your rough scales. Yogurt’s lactic acid is a natural alpha hydroxy acid, and is what helps smooth and exfoliate skin. Bonus tip: The zinc in yogurt also calms a sunburn, although you should've used your Umbra so as not to get scorched... but I digress!

Illuminate dull skin 

We love the combo effect of the JuJu Bar followed by Marula Oil. The JuJu Bar (recommended for use in the morning) refines skin texture, brightens skin clarity and, over time, minimizes the look of pores. Applying a few drops  of Marula Oil after the gentle exfoliation of the JuJu Bar will ensure a luminous glow throughout the day. The oil is untouched by any chemical or fragrance, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness over time.


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