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Get out, and get well: The truth about toxic relationships

April 09, 2015 | 0 Comments


Let’s talk about a kind of toxicity that lurks beneath the surface. Yes, we write about the tangible, surface-level sort of toxicity often. We want you to take a look at all food and product labels, and if there's a doubt, take it (toxins) out! But it’s just as important to keep your soul in tip-top condition as it is for your skin and body. So to kick start that spiritual system, you must eliminate harmful, damaging relationships from your life — and promptly.

While I deeply hope that you are not one burdened with a toxic relationship, do know that you are not alone if you are. We spend so much time focusing on health that we can see, that we often forget about what’s going on inside. And if you’re surrounded by friendships, family members, romantic partners or coworkers that are draining and depressing — chances are you'll feel pretty rotten, no matter how many miles you run, smoothies you drink, or face masks you use.

A long-term study followed more than 10,000 subjects over 12 years exposed the frightening fact that subjects in negative relationships were at a greater risk for developing heart problems than counterparts whose close relationships were not negative. Additionally, Dr. Lam writes that the leading cause of adrenal fatigue is chronic stress. Stressors can be physical, financial or — you guessed it- emotional.

Psychology today breaks down healthy and toxic relationships as follows—Healthy relationships are characterized by compassion, security, safety, freedom of thinking, sharing, listening, mutual love and caring, healthy debates and disagreements, and respectfulness, especially when there are differences in opinions. Toxic relationships are marked by insecurity, abuse of power and control, demanding-ness, selfishness, insecurity, self-centeredness, criticism, negativity, dishonesty, distrust, demeaning comments and attitudes, and jealousy.

If you’re engaged in a relationship of any form that can be defined by the above negative characteristics, recognize that you deserve better. Believe that it is your prerogative to be uplifted, respected, and appreciated. And let’s not forget the obvious; treat people how you want to be treated.

Not only do I want you to look radiant, but I want you to feel joy. So add into your self-care routine the most important part of all — self-love. 


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