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May 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

Here at Drunk Elephant, we like to think we strive to find the best ways to improve your outer (as well as your inner) well being; and whether that's from one of our serums or a heavy duty detox guide, you can see we're pretty dedicated. Naturally, we believe a huge part of finding and maintaining a good balance of your mental and spiritual wellness starts in the spaces you dwell, but more importantly, the place (or places!) you call home. We're constantly looking for those chic interiors and beautiful decors (as if our Pinterest wasn't proof of that enough!) to draw inspiration from, and of course we're constantly scrounging and saving all the best ones for you to fawn over. Hopefully, these will get you thinking of a few ideas of your own to spruce up your living space with (or wherever! We don't want to impose). So, without any further interruptions, here are the top 5 interior and decor spaces and ideas we've curated over the past few months. Happy pinning!

A little inspo for your dining room (or kitchen, it's versatile!). Livening your dining area with a space to write (ideas, reminders, whatever you want really, go wild!) can really help keep you in check, and anyone else living with you, too.

Get creative! Photo arrays give a little more energy and kick to your walls, and brighten up any area you do it in. We really dig this one and the flower arrangement ain't too bad either.

Time for a true classic: the monochrome palate. No matter what you arrange with it, it always looks super chic. Black, white, gray: any two colors really could work, but for this pick, we stuck with what we know best. 

Bright flowers? Of course! No room is complete without some kind of foliage. Get innovative with the placement. This should help get things moving. 

Finally, we can't forget about the home office (or really, any place you go to work in your home). A good workplace requires very little; a dash of color, creative organizations, and breathable atmosphere (who wants a stuffy cubicle in their house?). Maybe this will inspire you to work a little harder. 

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