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Finally booking that perfect getaway, or just looking to get in a little bit of Pinterest-fuelled office daydreaming? Either way, if you're anything like us, we're pretty sure your list of dream destinations is loooooong. A luscious jungle retreat? A whirlwind trip through Asia? Well, when in doubt, we really like to keep it simple. And for us, that means that we go for the old standby: the trusty spa getaway.

Whether you're looking to reboot and recharge, get in some serious beauty treatments, or be pushed right out of your comfort zone, there's a spa retreat for you


Serious about detoxing? Absolute Sanctuary doesn’t mess around. With three-to-seven day routines encompassing just every single kind of treatment imaginable (ever been in an Infrared Sauna? How about daily green detox shots personally tailored to your body’s needs?), all nestled comfortably in the Thai countryside, this scenic choice is just the thing for what ails you.


Not one for a day of massages and gentle yoga? This is the retreat for you. Fitness-centric in its daily activities and located on the Greek island Cephalonia, Helenistic Health Retreats welcomes all fitness levels by personalizing programs for every participant. Plus, the views are mindblowing.


There's nothing quite like a full body MRI in the Alps, right? Okay, so this one doesn't quite sound like your typical, idyllic spa getaway and can only be described as intense—and unorthodox. The hotel's spa embraces the Mayr method, focusing on the functions of their digestion and how it, in turn, effects just about everything else. Daily treatments include drops before every meal and hot compresses to get the liver detoxing. If you don't want to go the traditional route, you can select from eight other levels of nutrition, and indulge in a little Nordic walking. Pretty sure this one sounds Goop-approved.


Henri Chenot spa is frequented by many a post-fashion week editor for a reason: they're serious about their cleansing. At the gorgeous Palace Merano in Italy (it's only one of the most exclusive hotels in the country), there's an array of packages which focus on water-based hydro-aromatherapy to encourage lymphatic circulation, phyto-mud treatments, deep-tissue massages and a hardcore nutritional analysis of your daily diet by the spa's in-house team. In other words: no pasta here, folks.


And now for something a little bit closer to home: the Kripalu Center, massive non-profit yoga retreat in Massachusetts. The Kripalu R&R retreat features all-natural meals, daily yoga and an otherwise lax itinerary: you can pick and choose from faculty-led workshops, use of the sauna, beach, hiking trails, and then some. Just in case a week long juice cleanse isn't your idea of true R&R.


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