No: sulfates, alcohol, lanolin, detergents... more

Take it all off at the end of your day with the Pekee Bar™!

August 15, 2013 | 2 Comments






The one and only Pekee Bar.  Filled with goodness like honey, Virgin Marula Oil and blueberry extract.  This bar was inspired by my desire to use stuff from my kitchen to wash my face.  I had already started using my C-Firma™, VIrgin Marula™ Oil and Umbra™ on a daily basis.  I didn't have any place to turn for a skin cleanser though.  I was in the process of finding a formulator and couldn't find a cleanser on the market that wasn't drying and didn't contain essential oils, which aggravate my rosacea and irritate my skin.  SO, I went downstairs and threw some fruits and honey and coconut oil in the blender.  Some days I used almonds, avocados, milk, yogurt...even green tea.  Eventually my shower started clogging up and and my husband made me stop!  Thankfully, I had found my formulator by then.  The Pekee Bar is really one of a kind.  It is a bar cleanser, clearly, but not the kind you dread.  It has a lower pH level, so it doesn't strip your skin and it has all sorts of wonderful moisturizing ingredients.  You'll be obsessed.



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September 01, 2013

I am in love with Wonderbar. I have been getting compliments constantly. Now Wonderbar is no longer available. What product do I use from this line for the same effect.

Jenn Suzuki
Jenn Suzuki

June 05, 2013

I haven’t been excited about a product launch in a long time! I’m a fan of bar soaps – specifically those with amazing ingredients like these!! Bar cleansers have earned a bad reputation for being too harsh and it looks like Drunk Elephant is going to change that!! Marula oil is amazing for making skin soft and honey is naturally anti-bacterial. Plus antioxidant blueberry? I’m in!

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