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Your 2016 Resolutions (& How to Keep Them)

January 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

Another year gone, and that means it’s time for the barrage of magazine covers, internet headlines, and literally just about everything in between all pushing those three words everyone dreads and relishes at the same time: New Year’s Resolution. 
It seems almost every year we forget to actually make that whole 'new you' thing happen, and the cycle continues for another year, and another... sometimes we're able to hold out for a month, occasionally more than that, but to be totally honest; most resolutions peter out after a week or two, tops. So how do we change that? This year, we're making 2016 the year we actually keep our resolutions. Baby steps, people!

Find “That” Workout.

This is undoubtedly the top resolution for 95% of the planet, so, why not join 'em? Kick the new year off with finding that workout that, well, works! Seriously, there are millions of them lurking around, from high cardio to more weight intensive ones, there’s something for everyone, so there’s no excuse! But... how do you keep it up? One word: Data. You’d be surprised how motivated you’ll become when you log everything you do. Download a couple of good workout and nutrition apps (Lose It! is great and MapMyRun is amazing for the more cardio inclined), and watch as you feel guiltier and guiltier for missing a workout (it’s a good thing, promise!).

Eat Clean

It's the buzzword you’ve heard at least once or twice, and it isn’t all that bad of an idea. In fact, it’s a great alternative to fad diets and dodgy supplements. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, starchy grains and lean meats, all in reasonable portions. Basically, just balancing out your meals with good things. A good way to keep this up is to start a diary of your food intake; what you eat, when you eat it, and how much. As you keep writing it down, you’re less inclined to stop, and more inclined to keep it up! Pretty soon, you’ll be #eatingclean with the best of em’.

Be Mindful.

Mindfulness is key, and most of us lose sight of it while we’re going about our busy lives, so, it’s the perfect thing to resolve in the New Year. Mindfulness is the "state of active, open attention on the present” which is a fancy way of saying, “being aware of what’s going on now”. Being mindful means judging your actions, thoughts, and being from a distance, becoming aware of them, instead of living your life on autopilot, without a care. This may sound a little new age-y, but it works! There are endless resources for mindful meditation, from books to websites, give it a try, and keep it going every day, even for a couple of minutes, and soon it'll be the glue that holds you together.

Recycle & Redecorate!

Out with the old, in with the new! Who said you have to wait till the spring to do a little cleaning? Get a head start on making your space a little more than it was last year. New furniture? Yup. A little paint job? Why not! Let your creativity shine, and you’ll 100% feel like a new person. After all, your house is your home, you gotta live and look at it for a good chunk of your life. Naturally, the best way to make sure this happens, is with a little inspiration. A good place to start is our Pinterest! There's something for pretty much everyone. Promise.

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