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A Q&A with our Founder Tiffany Masterson

September 26, 2017 | 2 Comments

A little while ago we were lucky enough to sit down with the folks over at The-File.com one of *the* coolest digital beauty publications there is. Our founder, Tiffany Masterson, answered some of their biggest beauty and skincare questions—which just so happen to be some of the most frequently asked ones to pop in our inbox. So we figured: why not highlight a few of them here? After all, knowledge is power (especially when it comes to healthy, glowing skin).

In what order should I apply my products?

It’s easy to get excited and want to try it all at the same time, but skin can only absorb so much, even of the good stuff, before it gets overwhelmed. Think of it like eating a meal—vegetables are great for you, but how much broccoli and kale can you eat and your body still benefit from? How many serums and treatments can you use before your skin says, “enough?” We always encourage Clients to use only what is absolutely necessary, and no more.  

Regarding layering: we don’t find it necessary with DE (just cocktail your mix of DE essentials in your palm, apply and go!) but if you are using another brand's products, it can get tricky due to the presence of ingredients like silicones, waxes, thick oils and butters. Some of those ingredients wouldn’t allow anything on top to get through. It’s why we don’t use them: so while we can mix everything Drunk Elephant and know it will all absorb, layering may become necessary when using heavier, more occlusive products, thickest on top.

Why should I avoid silicones? Aren’t they safe?

There are no health risks from silicones and they’re not going to “harm” your skin or your internal organs. But they can make it much harder for you to get to results you want, and for many trigger breakouts and dehydrate the skin. Silicones form a barrier on skin that traps moisture and other substances, and they also slow the penetration of other ingredients. This silicone barrier can result in the loss of benefits of other products applied afterwards. However, because they can feel so nice on skin, and make stability a much easier hurdle in skincare formulation, brands have become addicted to them. It’s unfortunate, because the Client can end up losing out on the rewards of products they are paying a lot for. Silicones are how brands make serums feel thin, and moisturizers thick, but it’s all an illusion because silicones are more “filler” than functional & beneficial ingredients. Then, there are the anecdotal accounts of many who cannot use silicones because they trigger breakouts and congestion. Many of our staffers and clients have come to us with such experiences and that is one reason why DE resonates so well—we show that it is possible to have exceptional and effective formulas without relying on silicones.  We don’t ever use them and the results have been wonderful across the board and the difference is very real.

How do I clear breakouts/fight fine lines/hyperpigmentation?

Keep your expectations realistic, avoid sensitizing essential oils and other harsh ingredients and don’t be afraid to question the brands you spend your money on. Make them earn you as a client and explain things like pH, active percentages, why they choose certain ingredients over others and whether certain ingredients and products are even necessary. They may not be able to tell you everything, but it’s up to you to decide whether you’re comfortable with their answers.  Lastly, remember that your routine is only as good as its worst product, and a product is only as good as its worst ingredient. Ingredients are really the key to healthy skin and identifying the ones to avoid is easier now than its ever been!

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2 Responses

Taneil Rush
Taneil Rush

February 20, 2018

Hi!! I’m very interested in trying these products. I was wondering if a toner is necessary? I didn’t see any toner as an option. Also is the TLC Sukari Babyfacial basically a mask?? Most skincare routines recommend a mask twice and week and exfoliation twice a week. I saw the juju bar for exfoliation. Thank you!

Cheryl Melkey
Cheryl Melkey

September 26, 2017

Hello? Thank you so much for the information that you provide in your blog… I’m am an avid fan of it! Your products are amazing and have made an incredible difference for my skin! I love how I can blend the products together in the palm of my hand and apply! I am a pre-med student and my Drunk Elephant regimen fits great with my busy schedule?
I am wondering if you have a booklet… Showing all of the different mixtures that I can make with all of your products that I could keep in my bathroom on my vanity? I would love to discover more ways to enjoy my DE products… As I do have them all?

God bless & thank you again for making amazing products that support global causes!
Sincerely, Cheryl Melkey

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