Don't Blame It On The Elephant

Don't Blame It On The Elephant

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A good question we get constantly:

Question: “I’ve seen that when people tell you your products are breaking them out, you always try to blame it on other brands. I don’t think that’s always the case, and wonder why you can’t just admit that your line may not be for everyone.”


Answer: "Hi. It’s because I believe my line IS for is skin. I don’t believe in skin “types”, and I must be honest about my philosophy when I answer people. It doesn’t mean they need to agree. When you understand the basic function of skin and you have a strong opinion on which ingredients disrupt that function, it becomes clear. It’s never about blaming other brands for me, it’s about blaming ingredients (which I think everyone should be doing, being their own advocate, instead of accepting dysfunctional skin). I know my formulations very well. I have chosen each ingredient thoughtfully, I know what they are technically likely to do and not do. I think most people are using products that contain problematic ingredients, which I believe are to blame for most skin issues.

Imagine if you consumed 2 bottles of 🍷, a 🍔, and 6 🍩s one night. Your body would be sluggish, reactive and hungover because it cannot process what you’ve given it. If you wake up and drink a green juice, your body might have a negative reaction. Logically, most people don’t blame it on the green juice, they know it’s because they are hungover. I believe when skin has a negative reaction to a product with clean ingredients, that it’s likely based on the state the skin was already in due to what you’ve been putting on it… it’s become sensitized, or “hungover".

So look at the whole picture. What you’ve already been using matters and no product, including mine, can overcome bad ingredients in your routine. Your product is only as good as its worst ingredient; your routine only as good as its worst product. My hope is to help people recover the health of their skin but if they are using any products that contain the #Suspicious6, it will be difficult to get there.”



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