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Choosing Charcoal? What to Know

October 01, 2014

When I heard the words “carbon smoothie,” I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows and immediately fulfill my need to know more. So down the research rabbit hole I went, exploring the recent uptick in interest around carbon, a.k.a. charcoal, and its detoxifying properties.

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I Just Finished A 10 Day Cleanse...And I'm Loving The Results

August 26, 2014

It's called the "10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse" and it was designed by JJ Smith.  It wasn't easy to do, but now I don't want to stop.  When you see that "detoxing" from sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol can have such a drastic effect on the way you feel, it really makes you want to take a closer look at why.  One of the most interesting things to me was that I actually ended up gaining weight.  Probably because I needed to, but still.  You have 2-3 green smoothies per day made with things like kale, spinach, banana, berries, peaches, mangoes, flax seed and raw plant protein powder.  To make sure I was getting enough calories and fat, I added avocado and coconut oil.  I also used decaffeinated green tea in place of water.  You are allowed to have 2-3 green smoothies per day plus all the chicken and vegetables you want.  The smoothies taste great and before you know it, you are craving them.  There is a 3-4 day period in the beginning that you can have headaches and pains, but it's normal and the fourth day is better.  I had the toughest time giving up the caffeine, so I have taken it back up, but I just don't have it with cream and sugar anymore.  After having nothing for over a week, almond milk and raw stevia tastes surprisingly great.

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