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Don't Blame It On The Elephant

March 06, 2018

Protini, Lala, B-Hydra, Babyfacial, Shaba, C-Firma, Umbra, Tinte, TLC Framboos and Marula Oil

A good question we get constantly:

Question: “I’ve seen that when people tell you your products are breaking them out, you always try to blame it on other brands. I don’t think that’s always the case, and wonder why you can’t just admit that your line may not be for everyone.”


Answer: "Hi. It’s because I believe my line IS for everyone...skin is skin. I don’t believe in skin “types”, and I must be honest about my philosophy when I answer people. It doesn’t mean they need to agree. When you understand the basic function of skin and you have a strong opinion on which ingredients disrupt that function, it becomes clear. It’s never about blaming other brands for me, it’s about blaming ingredients (which I think everyone should be doing, being their own advocate, instead of accepting dysfunctional skin). I know my formulations very well. I have chosen each ingredient thoughtfully, I know what they are technically likely to do and not do. I think most people are using products that contain problematic ingredients, which I believe are to blame for most skin issues.

Imagine if you consumed 2 bottles of 🍷, a 🍔, and 6 🍩s one night. Your body would be sluggish, reactive and hungover because it cannot process what you’ve given it. If you wake up and drink a green juice, your body might have a negative reaction. Logically, most people don’t blame it on the green juice, they know it’s because they are hungover. I believe when skin has a negative reaction to a product with clean ingredients, that it’s likely based on the state the skin was already in due to what you’ve been putting on it… it’s become sensitized, or “hungover".

So look at the whole picture. What you’ve already been using matters and no product, including mine, can overcome bad ingredients in your routine. Your product is only as good as its worst ingredient; your routine only as good as its worst product. My hope is to help people recover the health of their skin but if they are using any products that contain the #Suspicious6, it will be difficult to get there.”



Let's stay together.

April 12, 2016

We play well with others (aka the other products in your beauty cabinet), but everything in our line just works better in conjunction with other products in our line. No, we're not just trying to get you to buy everything we make: it's something we've arrived at after years of testing and working side-by-side with chemists. 

Let's put it this way: you buy your first ever Drunk Elephant products, after weeks of scouring the Internet and reading our Beautypedia reviews. You stick with it for a month, but don't notice any major changes. Bummer, right? We'd be disappointed, too... except that this leaves us with a million questions about you and your routine. First of all: are you exfoliating regularly? Our product ecosystem is designed to ensure dead skin cells are regularly sloughed off and your complexion is renewed—which means everything you apply is fully soaking in and able to do its thing. If you're applying new products on top of dull, dead skin cells, you're just not going to see results.
Next up: what are the other products in your routine? Our products work because we don't include any ingredients that inflame, sensitize or irritate. If you're using products that are? You have no idea whether ours are working. What are you using that might not be allowing our products to perform at their highest level? We ask our customers to consider taking a break from the essential oils and other sensitizers so they can see the difference in their skin. If they are using our products with another brand that contains them, they won’t be able to see or feel the DE difference. Our products work because of what they don’t contain just as much as because of what they do contain. Evaluate your routine for anything not biocompatible, or loaded with fragrance and essential oils. These could be causing your skin to freak out, leaving the only culprit being the newest to the party that is your skincare routine: us. Gulp!

The only real way to see whether a skincare line or product really works for you? Try it with the rest of its family. We're no exception—we just work better when we're together.

D.E. is in Fashion: What the Heavy-Hitters Are Saying Today

November 26, 2014

We've recently been the delighted recipient of shout-outs from some of the heaviest-hitting fashion publications out there today. (May we admit that we fan out a bit when we see some of these links?)

To share in our excitement and to bring you up to date on what the industry big-wigs are saying about Drunk Elephant, we've compiled the most recent below. 

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Drunk Elephant Update: Behind The Scenes

May 20, 2014


What’s going on at Drunk Elephant? We are surprised almost daily at the positive response from our customers, the wonderful press and reviews – and the enormous amount yet to be learned! I just returned from a jam-packed trip to Los Angeles filled with many productive meetings. We are back in product development and preparing to add a couple of exciting products to the line by this Fall 2014. In July, we are so excited to be heading to CosmoProf in Las Vegas with Discover Beauty, a program of CosmoProf North America that selects an array of unique, cutting-edge brands sure to be the next big thing! We will be meeting with retailers from all over the world and will have the chance to tell our story, which we believe is a really intriguing one. In August we will be in New York for editor desksides, which is one of my favorite things to do. There’s nothing like sitting face-to-face with the beauty editors who have literally tried it all.

We remain so thankful for your support and your feedback that helps us become better – it’s of great value to us. If we can help people find better internal and skin health by continuing to produce this biocompatible line that delivers real and visible results, then we have done what we set out to do.

Thoughts, questions, comments? Don’t hold back…we love hearing from each and every one of you! You can contact me at  info@drunkelephant.com.

xo tiffany

Everyone And Their Mother Should Try Drunk Elephant!

April 30, 2014

Mother's Day is on its way and Drunk Elephant is the perfect gift for any Mom...and I know because I'm a Mom!

  • The Virgin Marula is ideal for the Mom who wants to calm, heal and hydrate throughout the day.  She can use it on her cuticles, in her hair...from her head to her toes.  It's luxurious and she will feel totally pampered. 
  • The Juju and Pekee Bars are wonderful for the Mom who loves the old-fashioned way of cleansing and likes to keep things simple.  They both do their jobs really well...Juju exfoliates and Pekee cleanses dirt and makeup away at the end of the day.  Your Mom's face will feel fresh in the hot months to come.
  • The C-Firma Day Serum is for the Mom who loved to worship the sun in her younger days, or for a younger Mom who spends a lot of time outside.  It corrects and prevents sun damage.  Her skin will feel and look firmer and best of all, will appear brighter!  What Mom would turn that down?
  • The Umbra Sheer Physical Defense.  An anti-aging, antioxidant-packed, moisturizing, illuminating, protective, biocompatible, chemical-screen-free sunscreen.  Need we say more?  This one is for every Mom.
  • The T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum will give your Mom a smoother and more radiant complexion...practically overnight!  It gently dissolves the glue that hold the dead skin cells to the surface of the skin that nobody really wants hanging around.  It's very effective, but won't irritate.  Mom will be positively glowing and thanking you for it!
  • And, finally, for the picky Mom...you know, the one who knows best.  The one who is super conscious about what she is putting on her skin.  The one who cares about ingredients.  The one who wants to avoid toxins.  The Drunk Elephant Gift Card allows her to browse through all of the products and choose for herself.  She won't have any problem finding something she loves...I promise!

I hope this helps make shopping for the Mom in your life a little easier this year. 

xo tiffany

p.s.  Beginning tomorrow morning, really early....use promo code "ilovemymom" at checkout for 15% off all products!  (Offer valid May 1st and 2nd only.)



The D.E. Difference: Here's The Scoop On Unrefined VS. Refined Marula Oil

April 07, 2014

We don't call ours "Virgin" for nothing.

Early on, when I was in the testing phase, I learned what a typical "refining" process looks like.  I was surprised.  First, caustic soda or sodium hydroxide is added to the raw oil, followed by bleach.  The oil is then “deodorized."  At this point, the oil is "cut" with a less expensive oil, thereby cutting the overall cost. Many production facilities actually mass-crush the nuts to produce the oil, removing "impurities with the chemical treatments mentioned above

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Riddle: The More You Use It, The More You Need It. What Is It?

March 25, 2014

It could be a lot of things, but my guess is makeup. Foundation, mineral powder, concealer...all designed to cover up various skin issues and conditions, but is it a vicious cycle? Does the very use of makeup create a dependency? I was lucky because my mother never wore makeup, so I just grew up not thinking about it or wanting to use it. It’s possible that it ended up being a really good thing for my skin. 

I was very inspired by the question: “Is makeup at the root of some of our skin ailments?” There are differing views on this and it’s been widely debated. I personally believe that wearing makeup on a daily basis is a problem and so one of the goals for the D.E. line was to enable people to go without and let their skin breathe and heal.  So, what exactly does it take to restore skin health? I researched until I came up with a list of things I think we must have in our daily routine. Here is my list:

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