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All about: Boutique Fitness

September 03, 2015

So you're finally getting around to it... finding that perfect workout routine that's going to change the game, that is. It's been a long time coming, and after all of those false starts and impromptu splurge-y girls nights, you're ready to bite the bullet. Enough is enough! But as for finding a regular workout routine that you don't have to near-drag yourself to each and every morning? Well, there might just be a solution for all your exer-woes. We're talking, of course, about the boutique workout. Lets just say this isn't your Billy Blanks, Made-for-TV Tae Bo we're dealing with here. There's no three easy payments of $14.99, just highly-specialized routines that challenge your body, shape you right up and, of course, make it fun and addicting (even more so than your other vices, believe it or not!). We've even taken out the hardest part for you, and compiled a list of our favorites; so now, there's no excuse for not having a bit of get up and go. Let's get started!


1. SoulCycle: Everywhere




We're going to start off with the granddaddy of them all: SoulCycle is by far the most well known of the bunch, and you've probably heard it in passing at least once. The concept is simple; a workout based around cardio-heavy workouts (weights, jogging, dancing, and of course, cycling) with an emphasis on community, so you can rest assured that you're not in this alone. SoulCycle lasts around 45 minutes a class, and is ubiquitous; chances are no matter where you are in the world, a SoulCycle (or SoulCycle-esque) class is not far from you, making it one of the more convenient choices on our list.


2. ModelFit: NYC




You've probably heard about ModelFit as the go to place for the requisite Manhattanite to get their daily dose of exercise, or as Karlie Kloss' go-to when she needs a little tone up. But don't let the hype fool you: the ModelFit team does not mess around. Their approach is based on getting you "Model Fit", not "Model Thin". They offer classes that fit the needs of beginners and pros alike, focusing on body driven weights, cardio, and even boxing. Classes come in single pricing or packages and you pick the dates, making it totally non-committal... just in case you sleep in. 


3. CityRow, NYC




Another NYC fave on our list, CityRow is a cardio-based class with a focus on (you guessed it!) rowing. Not only does CityRow offer state-of-the-art rowing machines (they use actual water!), but they also offer classes with routines focused on body-sculpting exercises, yoga, and much more. Classes can be attended individually with the option of weekly and unlimited packages (which is a plus!).  


4. Barry's Bootcamp, Select Cities




Barry's Bootcamp is a chain that reaches coast-to-coast and even parts of Europe. It's been frequented by A-Listers, athletes, and in-the-know city dwellers alike. But what makes Barry's stand out? The experience. More akin to a club than a gym, the instructors' enthusiasm and pumping music is sure to motivate even the most resistant of us. Workouts are split between 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of free weights; making it balanced and easily accessible to every fitness level. 


5. Bikram Yoga, NYC




Yes, we couldn't forget hot yoga. The more famous of the bunch, Bikram Yoga is by far the best deep stretch you're gonna get. With several locations and multiple rooms per practice, it's prolific to say the least. The instructors are top notch, who direct every level of yoga practitioner through the 26 poses and breathing exercises that make up the routine. Classes can be booked in singles, or weekly.



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