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Favorite Pinterest Follows

November 30, 2015

Pinterest is like a jungle; it’s easy to get lost in there. Where do I get that perfect smoothie recipe? How much kale? Where’s that workout plan I’ll never follow? Where’s the perfect version of all three? Well, we’re taking out all of the hard work. Here’s a few of our favorite Pinterest accounts you just HAVE to follow. Trust us, it’ll change everything.


Needless to say, goop is one of our favourites on every other social platform, and their Pinterest is no exception. Expect drool worthy food pics, healthy living inspo, and basically pretty much every other thing you could possibly want your life to include.


Into the Gloss’ beauty off-shoot has got some serious Pinterest game; you’ll find every kind of beauty tip you could ever need and tons and tons of pretty pics. This is one of the boards you’ll spend hours on, guaranteed. Check out their beauty how-to’s!

Love and Lemons

How can we talk about Pinterest without talking about food? You can’t, and that’s why we’re all over Jeanine of Love and Lemons. This Texas (!!!) native dishes out some too-pretty-for-words recipes and kitchen tips that will give you some serious envy. She covers all your food bases, from sweets to healthy eating, so you won’t feel too bad afterwards.

Jennifer Chong

It’s true, 2 million plus followers can’t be wrong, and Jennifer Chong lives up to the hype. Her boards cover all the standard Pinterest fair; beautiful meals, great style, you know the rest. But what you really need to check out is her Wanderlust board, which is pretty much just a constant stream of breathtaking shots that are worthy of daydreaming over. Give her a follow right now!


We can’t forget about our friends over at Byrdie! If you’re looking for the definite style guide for your life, this is the board for you. From pretty eyes to gorgeous hair, they’ve got pretty much everything to keep you charming for the rest of your life. Check out their make-up looks, too.

Buzzfeed Food

Here’s something that a lot of people don’t know about; Buzzfeed has an amazing food-focused Pinterest! Now, this isn’t the most healthy board we’ve posted, but we’re only human, and they’ve got some ridiculously delicious recipes. Their Cookies board is a testament to this, and we won’t get started on the Deserts board. It’s a must follow!


Kimberly of eat.sleep.wear knows what it takes to make an amazing Pinterest board. A little style, a bit of decor, and everything else to make your world a lot more beautiful. The must follows are her personal style and apartment inspiration boards.

Probiotics, supplements, and you: what’s it all about?

September 16, 2015

Chances are, at least once through your weekly grocery shop, you’ve came across the word “probiotic”. If you dismissed it as another buzzword, there’s a billion reasons why you’re probably reading this. Literally. Probiotics, whatever you thought they were before, are your friends, and it’s about time you got acquainted with them.

What is a Probiotic? Why should I supplement?

Simply put, probiotics are bacterias with loads of benefits. Bacteria you say? Yes! A very good kind of bacteria, already living in your body, pulling their weight, keeping your gut healthy and keeping you in a general state of body wellness. They live in your GI tract and are constantly detoxifying it. Supplementing more probiotic bacteria promotes a healthy and varied amount of gut flora, which helps balance things and fight more of that unwanted stuff in your stomach. You’ll want to make (and keep) things right down there, because if they aren’t, you get all types of nasty digestive problems and even blemishes and break-outs. Not to mention, if you’ve got digestive problems right now, it’ll make things feel better. Easy enough, right? We thought so.

What are the benefits?

Supplementing with these little guys gives a lot of desirable effects:

- Helping with general digestive issues
- Helping with debilitating digestive diseases
- Protects against yeast build up, harmful bacterias and fungi
- Helps clear up skin issues
- Helps with oral health

And that’s not all! Scientists have been constantly researching the properties of probiotic bacteria, so the list will keep on growing and growing as time goes on.

What should I be looking for in a supplement?

There are many types of probiotic bacteria that are beneficial to you; both are various types of Lactobacillius and Bifidobacterium. But don’t let the word supplement fool you, while we’re using that in the literal sense of the word; you can find probiotic bacteria outside a pill or powder (and frankly, they all taste a lot better!). Look for probiotic cultures in yogurt (make sure it says so on the packaging, because many yogurts lose it during the pasturation process), kefir, miso, and even kimchi. There’s tons of food that has it, so get creative! However, if you feel that a pill or powder is better suited to your lifestyle, make sure it has well rounded selection of strains (usually five will do the trick).

And there it is folks, now you’ll be supplementing probiotics with the best of them; keeping your gut healthy, your skin glowing, and you body working. Not too shabby coming from billions of bacteria cultures, no?