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Why a Little Routine's Not Always a Bad Thing

January 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

One of the most popular questions we receive on a regular basis about our products? How to use them (and more specifically, in what order). It sounds simple enough, but whether we're introducing serums, oils, gels and beyond to a relative skincare newbie, or talking, in some cases, to even the most experienced product-aholic; it never hurts to brush up on the basics.

By getting into the habit of keeping up with a regular skincare routine, your skin will see an entire host of benefits. Not only will you be giving skin what it needs on a regular basis, but you'll also be
using ingredients when they're most potent and powerful. You'll be protecting skin from the sun, and you hopefully won't be passing out for the night after a good Netflix session with a full face of makeup still on.

Daily, we like cleansing with a little Juju (if we're in need of a little exfoliation—it's made with bamboo powder to help with that) or Pekee (when we only need a good cleanse). Sometimes, just a little cold water to help us wake up, twice daily cleansing is not always necessary and can be more than our balanced, happy skin needs in the morning. Depending on what your skin’s mood, we like following that up with a cocktail of our Umbra SPF 30, C-Firma Day Serum, plus a small pump of B-Hydra, or in the colder months, Marula can be thrown into that blend. Since our products are formulated without silicones, all rules about skincare layering go right out the window: just mix and go.

By night, we like cleansing with Pekee or Juju to remove makeup and the day’s debris, followed by a cocktail of TLC Framboos, and either Lala or Marula or both (you can add a pump of B-Hydra if you want a little extra hydration boost!). Once a week, we'll do a quick treatment using Babyfacial after cleansing. Follow it up with a few light taps of Shaba around the eyes (and brows, and lashes—it helps them grow!), and it's time for beauty sleep. And don’t forget your Lippe before closing your eyes…wake up to hydrated, smooth lips and do it all over again…

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