Why You Should Rethink Your Essential Oil Obsession

Posted by Tiffany Masterson on

...at least when it comes to your face, that is.

Truth bomb time: essential oils aren't all they're cracked up to be. We love the scent of lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and rose as much as the next girl, and while they have undeniable aromatherapy benefits, on your delicate facial skin, they spell bad news (and breakouts, irritation, inflammation, and collagen breakdown...do we need to go on?). There’s a few big reasons why our products don’t include any essential oils, so let’s get to it.

1. We want you to be able to smell the high quality actives that we use and let them be the star attraction, instead of the scent of lavender or grapefruit. As an example, Ferulic Acid may smell medicinal, but it's a fantastic ingredient that is an important antioxidant for your skin, so why not let that be the focal point? When you put your nose up to our products, you'll know immediately that what you are putting on your skin is nothing but the safe actives and extracts that we fill our products with, and each have a direct benefit to your skin or to the safety and efficacy of the formulation.

2. Smelling pretty doesn't do one thing for your skin health and it isn't our priority, your skin is.

Guess what? The quality of the essential oils, or the purity, doesn't matter. An essential oil is an essential oil and it's sensitizing. To our skin, essential oils are perceived to be volatile, unfamiliar and chemical, not exactly the biocompatible we are going for.

3. The invisible enemy.

If you've been using products that contain essential oils and you think to yourself: "my skin is fine and nothing bad is happening.". Think again. The damage done by essential oils is imperceptible and cumulative. Translation: You can't see it, but it's building up over time and doing your skin no favors in the process. When you smoke a cigarette, you don't get lung cancer or emphysema the same day and you certainly can't see the damage...it shows up years later. When you walk out to the parking lot without sunscreen you don't get brown marks right then. No, those show up years later too. It's the same thing with essential oils. Damage is being done and you don't even know it.

Many essential oils react to UV light, and cause your skin to burn or change pigment, which can range from slight redness to full on color change. Yikes! Not only that, but certain chemical ingredients, when used in conjunction with essential oils can lead to reactions that are even worse. The fact of the matter is, no matter what kind of skin you have, or what kind of essential oil you use, it's all no good.

And finally, truly "sensitive skin” is very rare, most skin is actually “sensitized” due to insensitive ingredients!

Quick tip: Oils are beautiful, nourishing, wonderful things…unless they are fragrant like flowers, citrus, mint, herbs, and so on. Non-fragrant plant oils are what you want and what your skin deserves. If you have a doubt, just smell your product. You don’t have to memorize a bunch of confusing ingredient names, your nose will know!


  • I had a bad experience using “all natural” product. I purchased the product because it had great ratings online and I thought to myself “oh why not??? It’s not expensive, it’s all natural and it’s only a toner. What could it possibly do?” WRONG! After first use, I noticed how strong the smell was and the next day, my cheek and chin became raw. I understand our skin, like anything, requires time to adjust but this was one time that I was not willing to use 14 days straight to see how my skin really would turn out. I’ll never do that again! I’ve used a travel size version of your vitamin C and LOOOOOVED the feeling. I’ll need to get more and continue using it. Thank you for doing your research because that helps people like me (try-er of all things on skin) more knowledgeable about safe and stable products!

    Vidi on

  • I wish more companies had this view. Every time a skin care item has perfume or essential oils (for the smell), I question it. Companies who know enough about skin care should know better, and if they don’t why should I trust their product?

    Alex on

  • Spot on! Your comments are echoed on www.beautipedia.com. which pans products that include not-so-innocent oils like the ones you list. “Fragrance isn’t skin care!” BTW beautipedia gives top marks to most of YOUR products.

    Hollis Wagenstein on

  • Great read !!! Thank you !!!

    Arleen on

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