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What the pH?

July 06, 2016

Think of the key to perfect skin as a balancing act. Literally.

Your skin's pH balance is probably one of those things you've heard a whole lot of buzz about, but never knew exactly what it... well, really meant. Don't feel bad! You're not alone. In fact, we're willing to bet even the biggest skincare junkies could stand to learn a thing or two about pH balances and how they effect our skin. Read on!

It basically goes a little something like this: it all starts with your acid mantle. Your acid mantle is made up of amino and lactic acids, plus sebum, also known as fatty free acids. The acid mantle just so happens to protect skin from environmental factors that lead to aging and all-around irritation. The acid mantle creates your skin's pH. The pH scale measures the concentration of hydrogen from 1 to 14. Anything over 7 is alkaline, which in this case is not a good thing: if your skin is on this side of the scale, it's probably dry and prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Skin that's too acidic, on the other hand, will appear oilier, irritate easily and is breakout-prone. In an ideal world, your skin's pH should be at around 5.5—that's slightly on the acidic side (just enough oil so that you maintain a nice glow). See?

We know a balanced pH means everything to your skin—which is why we publish it on all of our products. We formulate every DE product with skin's pH in mind. AHA, BHA and Vitamin C serums are especially tricky to formulate for that sweet spot. If they fall below it, they'll irritate and sensitize your skin; but if they fall above, they just don't work. The ideal pH for AHAs to function without causing undue irritation is 3 - 4; for Vitamin C, between 3 and 3.5 will do the trick.

Cleansers are another common culprit of pH abuse, since most are formulated to be incredibly drying and strip the skin of the oils your acid mantle needs to maintain acidity. Anything above 7 should be avoided. Our Pekee and Juju bars are right on target, coming in at 6.51 and 6.34 respectively— allowing just enough surface tension. In other words? You'll never be left wondering, 'what the pH?!' again.

It's getting hot out there.

June 29, 2016


We all know SPF is a must-have year-around, right? 

But, as the temperature rises and our bathing suits take front stage in our wardrobe, we start to pay even more attention to the sunscreen we’re using.

Our favorite? (fine…we’re biased but with good reason)…Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30.

We love Umbra for so many reasons…here’s just a few:  

✓  This physical formula (hello, zinc!) delivers powerful UV protection and anti-aging benefits (no chemical screens allowed)

✓  Suitable for all skin tones and leaves your complexion glowing (and no white cast!)

✓  Loaded with antioxidants to ward off free radicals that may cause UV damage and photoaging

✓  Infused with raspberry seed oil and marula oil for intense moisture without any residue or greasiness

✓  The clean, non-toxic formula can be mixed with your favorite moisturizer or serum (don’t worry, it won’t dilute the efficacy)

✓  It’s the perfect base for make-up (so skip your primer and let your skin breath in the summer heat!)

✓  Our gentle formula is ideal for all skin types, and great for sensitive skin

Your Guide to the Ultimate Summer Smoothie Bowl

June 08, 2016

Summer is (just about!) officially here, and with it comes an almost non-stop parade of warm weather treats to tempt us.
Flag cake? Barbecues? Poolside margaritas? Yep, count us in for all of the above... and then some. While those are a few of our favorite (occasional, mind you!) indulgences that pop up as soon as the temperatures begin to soar, they usually make it all too easy to quickly forget about anything green... and good for you. We don't know about you, but for us, that means that our usual kale salads and green smoothies are usually the first victims. Luckily, there's an incredibly easy (and Instagram-worthy) to still get in your 5-to-8 a day that will satisfy pretty much any sweet tooth, too: smoothie bowls! With endless ingredient combinations, they're fun to make, refreshing in the warm weather, and an easy way to sneak in a hefty serving (and then some) of the sort of leafy greens your body (and skin!) loves and needs. Get blending... and show us your creations on Instagram @drunkelephantskincare!

1. Begin with a thickening protein base. This could be anything from tofu to nut butter (almond's our favorite, and nowadays you can find it at almost any grocery store), Greek yogurt, coconut yogurt, or even chia seeds, which thicken up after being soaked in liquid for a little while. Another easy cheat? Acai packs! You can find them in the frozen aisle.

2. Add in a little liquid: 1/3 to 1/4 of a cup of almond, hemp or coconut milk, coconut water, veggie or fruit juice.

3. Add a cup of fruit to thicken (and sweeten!): apple, frozen bananas, berries, peaches. Bonus if it's already frozen! Avocado is another unexpected addition that will make the whole thing incredibly creamy

4. And now for the healthy part: add a handful or two of your favorite green. Kale, spinach, chard, romaine lettuce... The list goes on.

5. And finally? The prettiest part. Add a tablespoon or so of your favorite smoothie add-ons: a little handful of fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, shredded coconut, granola, muesli, dark chocolate chips, bee pollen, cacao powder... From there, you can arrange your toppings in any way you like: we suggest starting with circles around the bowl, or a line down the middle, for the most aesthetically-pleasing effect. That said? Get creative!

New Workout Gear We Love Right Now

May 18, 2016

It's a fact of life: working out is just that much easier when you have cute exercise gear waiting for you in your closet. And because the same old pair of stretched out, faded black leggings and baggy tees can get old (fast!) we figured there's no better time than spring to experiment with new workout wear and athleisure (it's officially a 'thing'!) brands. From sleek and refined monochrome picks to the type of fun, all-over-print numbers that actually get you excited to hit the treadmill, meet a few of our favorites.
Alala is the type of workout wear you can wear far beyond the walls of Equinox––just throw on a stylish leather jacket and you're good to go. We love them for their colors, bright prints and cool cuts.
Varley is for the cool girl in spin class. Their pieces play with sheer panelling, cut outs, color blocking and embellishments, usually in a cool print or unexpected hue.
Outdoor Voices is for your inner minimalist––or at least, the athleisure line you could actually get away with wearing to their office. They specialize in sleek, ultra-wearable pieces that are heavy on color play and high-performance materials. We're suckers for their leggings and crop tops.
Live the Process is ultra-feminine, with an emphasis on tailoring, sexy cuts and again, fun prints. Perfect for that dance class you've been dying to drag your girlfriends to (before grabbing a much-deserved glass of wine first, of course).
Less so a label and more a one-stop-shop, Bandier offers a selection of the best of the best in cool workout gear that works outside the gym, too. Hit them up regularly for upcoming designers and under-
the-radar gems.
Arguably the most design-minded of the bunch, Lucas Hugh mixes clean, sharp cuts and silhouettes with punchy colors and unexpected pattern play. We love his fun sports bras. 

Serious Skin Foods.

April 29, 2016


Let’s talk diet. No, we're not about to tell you to go on some trendy cleanse or crazy delivery system: we're specifically talking skin health. We all know (hopefully?) by now that yes, there is a direct correlation between what you put into your body, and how it comes out (sometimes literally) through your skin. So, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite, antioxidant-heavy, skin-happy foods (it's not all greens, either... did somebody say chocolate?). Read on and happy snacking!


1. Cocoa

How's that for a welcome addition to the list? Turns out cocoa is a natural hydrator, and does double duty by making your skin more supple and smooth, due to its natural caffeine content. Most dermatologists recommend eating a chocolate with at least 70% natural cocoa to get the full benefits. Consider it done!


2. Greek Yogurt

Surprise, surprise! This healthy staple is great for your skin, too. Any protein-heavy yogurt, such as Greek yogurt, helps to firm up and maintain skin elasticity. Eat at least a single serving a day, and you’ll be thanking yourself.


3. Sunflower Seeds

They're not just a pretty flower! Sunflower seeds are loaded with Vitamin E, which protects your skin from the sun, as well as keeping it more firm and healthy. A pretty good excuse to sneak in a handful if you ask us!

4. Blueberries

Yup: it's the old standby for antioxidant power in any diet. Let's put it this way: it benefits your skin by helping break down free radicals, working to help decelerate the aging process.


5. Olive Oil

Real talk: Ancient Romans used it both for and on pretty much everything, and the Greeks basically live forever because their diet is heavy on it (the Mediterranean Diet had its phase for a reason!). But did you know it’s also a free radical butt-kicking powerhouse that can rejuvenate your skin? It’s true. Due to its high concentration of Omega 3, it helps keep your skin youthful. A good excuse to indulge in a little (brown rice!) pasta, right?

6. Tomatoes

Seldomly discussed in skincare, tomatoes are actually loaded with skin protecting properties. Since they're high in antioxidant lycopene, it’s a natural way to increase your skin’s SPF (which you can then you can top off with our Umbra!).

7. Green Tea

It should come as no surprise that Green Tea is skin empowering. The tea is loaded with polyphenols and antioxidants, which help to boost blood flow to your skin, while also delivering nutrients keeping your complexion healthy.

8. Kale

Yes, the trendy plant that does it all actually does quite well for your skin. It’s antioxidants destroy free radicals, and it’s also loaded with skin-strengthening Vitamin A and C.

9. Coffee

Did you know your daily latte addiction is actually doing yourself a favor? Research has shown that coffee can actually lower your chances of contracting skin cancer. Keep the grande’s coming, we say.

10. Red Wine

We know you’re shocked that that weekend you can barely remember did a number on your skin (in a good way!). Drinking even half a glass of wine a day can reduce inflammation, and deliver rich antioxidants to help combat free radicals. We’ll drink to that (it's in our name, after all).

Let's stay together.

April 12, 2016

We play well with others (aka the other products in your beauty cabinet), but everything in our line just works better in conjunction with other products in our line. No, we're not just trying to get you to buy everything we make: it's something we've arrived at after years of testing and working side-by-side with chemists. 

Let's put it this way: you buy your first ever Drunk Elephant products, after weeks of scouring the Internet and reading our Beautypedia reviews. You stick with it for a month, but don't notice any major changes. Bummer, right? We'd be disappointed, too... except that this leaves us with a million questions about you and your routine. First of all: are you exfoliating regularly? Our product ecosystem is designed to ensure dead skin cells are regularly sloughed off and your complexion is renewed—which means everything you apply is fully soaking in and able to do its thing. If you're applying new products on top of dull, dead skin cells, you're just not going to see results.  &nbsp
Next up: what are the other products in your routine? Our products work because we don't include any ingredients that inflame, sensitize or irritate. If you're using products that are? You have no idea whether ours are working. What are you using that might not be allowing our products to perform at their highest level? We ask our customers to consider taking a break from the essential oils and other sensitizers so they can see the difference in their skin. If they are using our products with another brand that contains them, they won’t be able to see or feel the DE difference. Our products work because of what they don’t contain just as much as because of what they do contain. Evaluate your routine for anything non-toxic, or loaded with fragrance and essential oils. These could be causing your skin to freak out, leaving the only culprit being the newest to the party that is your skincare routine: us. Gulp!

The only real way to see whether a skincare line or product really works for you? Try it with the rest of its family. We're no exception—we just work better when we're together.

Is Alkaline Water All It's Hyped Up to Be?

March 09, 2016

You’ve no doubt already heard the buzz. After all, if you walk into any grocery store, the trend is just about hitting you right in the face. Yes, we’re talking about water, but more specifically: alkaline water? Just what is it and why does it have the Goops of the world all up in a tizzy? Allow us to explain.

Alkaline water, simply put, is water with a lower pH (acidity) than your run-of-the-mill tap and bottled water. Why is this important? That means the water is rich in alkalizing components and basically has a lot of the minerals you need to keep your body acidity leveled... and your skin and overall beauty game where you want it.

So, let’s get down to the benefits, shall we?

1) Prevents Acidosis

Alkaline water helps with neutralizing your body’s blood acidity, which in turn prevents Acidosis, a condition that can cause hormonal imbalances as well as other maladies. Yikes!

2) Metabolism boosting

On top of keeping your body acidity leveled, alkaline water and foods can help boost your metabolism, and keep it maintained at a healthy level.

3) Your gut!

Alkaline water can help disinfect your gut flora, and cleanse it of unwanted free radicals and other dangerous bacteria. A happy gut basically equals a happy everything else... including your waistline and complexion.

4) Detox

Along with your gut, alkaline water’s disinfecting properties also applies to other toxins in your body. In other words, it pulls double duty.

So, how do I get Alkaline?

Luckily for you, bottled alkaline water is pretty much everywhere you go, but if you wanna pull a little DIY (or, just feeling adventurous), you can get a water ionizer that’ll do the job for you, too. But you don't need to get too crazy just yet—the experts agree that eating a diet high in alkaline foods is the real key over anything. Just what foods are alkaline? Pretty much everything you already know is good for you: fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables. Oh, and that whole hot lemon water in the morning thing? Turns out squeezing a little citrus into your water is the ultimate DIY when it comes to getting your water alkaline. It's a great way to start your day, gets your metabolism instantly ignited, detoxifies and helps to raise your pH once the minerals begin to dissolve in your bloodstream. Go on, get citrus-y.