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Your skin's morning wake-up call: the The JuJu Bar

October 17, 2013


There's a lot happening with your skin at night, and sleep enables the body to reverse everyday free radical damage through cellular renewal. While cells repair and rebuild throughout the night, the majority of cell turnover and regeneration occurs during REM sleep.  So, that makes deep sleep a critical component in the quest for healthy looking skin.  T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, applied before you hit the sack, will help get the dead skin cells nice and loose and ready to come off.   In the morning when you wake, the JuJu Bar will be there, ready and waiting, to help gently remove those dead cells that have loosened in the night.  Those dead skin cells, by the way, if allowed to stay and build up, can lead to dry patches, blackheads and acne, which nobody wants.

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Chemical vs. Physical Exfoliation. Are they both necessary?

September 14, 2013

The short answer is yes.  We do need to both chemically and physically exfoliate our skin.  Chemical exfoliants dissolve keratin protein or the "glue" that holds the dead skin cells together and work best at night while the skin is regenerating itself.

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Glycolic T.L.C. Framboos™...a dreamy product come true!

August 28, 2013



This could be my favorite child.  I don't know, maybe because it's the "baby", the last to be formulated, the last piece of the puzzle.  Whatever it is, it came out exactly as I had hoped.

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Take it all off at the end of your day with the Pekee Bar™!

August 15, 2013






The one and only Pekee Bar.  Filled with goodness like honey, Virgin Marula Oil and blueberry extract.  This bar was inspired by my desire to use stuff from my kitchen to wash my face.  I had already started using my C-Firma™, VIrgin Marula™ Oil and Umbra™ on a daily basis.

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The story behind the Drunk Elephant Logo...

August 12, 2013









Many people have asked about our elephant logo.  I really wanted something that was more serious to balance out the playful name I had chosen.  I had been asking others to help me design a logo, but it just sort of never happened.  So, one day I asked my daughter to get me a stack of paper and a sharpie.  We sat down at the breakfast table and I said,

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Virgin Marula Oil, where have you been all my life?

August 12, 2013








Marula oil got the ball rolling for me.  You can find it in every product and it's the inspiration behind the name "Drunk Elephant".  I didn't choose it for trendy reasons, I chose it because I think it's the best oil that I've ever used on my skin and I've used them all.  We use unrefined Marula Oil, which doesn't go through the same bleaching processes that most other oils on the market do.  Ours has a faint, nutty smell and is devoid of any essential oils, which we believe are a primary cause of

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