Hair + Body Trunk 2.0 ($181 Value)

Hair and body products included in the trunk kit displayed with the caddy against a yellow background, on top of pink blocks
Top view of caddy with hair and body products inside against a blue background with water bubbles around it
Top view of multiple Hair and Body Trunk 2.0 kits in their individual caddy, against a pink background
Three caddies filled with hair and body products included in the kit, sitting next to each other against a green background
Caddy with all the hair and body products inside, displayed on top of and next to two other caddies, against an orange background

Hair + Body Trunk 2.0 ($181 Value)

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Hair + Body Trunk 2.0 ($181 Value)

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Softer, smoother, and healthier from head to toe.

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A Note

Between me, my kids, and my two long-haired sheepadoodles, I have spent hours of my life that I’ll never get back detangling (and detangling and detangling) hair.

I found out about the Tangle Teezer and—presto!—we went from the tangle family to the smooth, silky hair family. When Drunk Elephant launched a collaboration with Tangle Teezer, we knew that if we combined those miracle bristles with bright, cheeky colors, knots would be powerless in our path.

It’s now my favorite way to unwind. Literally.

xx, Tiffany