Sweet Biome™ Fermented Sake Spray

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Sweet Biome spraying into the air
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Sweet Biome™ Fermented Sake Spray

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Sweet Biome™ Fermented Sake Spray

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A boozy
biome builder

With amino and fatty acids, electrolytes, and ceramides, Sweet Biome supports and replenishes a healthy microbiome while mimicking the components that keep your acid mantle strong, soothed, and balanced.

Product Information

Letter from the Founder Intro

A Note

People often ask me what they should use after working out. They worry that washing their face after exercising and again at night will dry out their skin. A lot of us have a hard time wrapping our head around the fact that the sweat on our face isn’t bad if skin is clean. In fact, perspiration is full of minerals that have the bactericidal properties that the skin barrier needs. We wanted to create a spray with all of the healthy components of sweat so it strengthens the acid mantle. Let’s stop scrubbing our skin so much and instead feed it with nutrients so it can do exactly what it knows how to do.

xx Tiffany

Key Ingredients

Product Formula Closeup

Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate

This yeast derived from fermented sake is dense with nutrients (amino acids, antioxidants). It provides a powerful defense against free radical damage, strengthens the skin barrier, and takes down redness.

Sodium PCA

A powerful electrolyte with potent antioxidant benefits, plant-derived sodium PCA is identical to the form naturally present in skin and plays a vital role in helping maintain hydration levels in skin, improving barrier strength and lipid content, calming redness, and protecting against environmental dehydration.

Saccharomyces/Xylinum/Black Tea Ferment

Commonly known as kombucha, this ingredient is loaded with polyphenols and prized for its powerful barrier-restorative and antioxidant benefits.

Coconut Water

The water-light, cold-pressed portion of the coconut fruit is a rich source of electrolytes and has lightweight moisturizing properties.