Catch Some Rays ($28 Value)

photo of the Day Dream Duo on a green acrylic background
photo of the Day Dream Duo against a light coral background
photo of multiple duo boxes scattered
photo of the Day Dream Duo against a blue background
photo of the Day Dream Duo against a bright yellow background

Catch Some Rays ($28 Value)

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Catch Some Rays ($28 Value)

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Take summer
to go

Catch Some Rays has exactly what you need to give the skin a warm, golden summery glow—all in one kit. Summer can’t last forever, but you can, in fact, take it with you.

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I was born in Texas but have always felt like a California girl at heart. The warm, glowy skin look reminds me of afternoons at the beach. I wanted to make a kit that lets you create that same glow—maybe extra D-Bronzi to make it more golden or more O-Bloos for a rosier flush—and protect the skin from UV rays with one of our Umbras. Since it’s Drunk Elephant, we used ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier, like omega fatty acids and antioxidants. So it might look like you’ve been at the beach, but your skin is healthier, stronger, and totally protected. (Maybe you were just at your desk. 😉)

xx Tiffany