Glowy - The Night Kit ($146 Value)

photo of three Glowy kits displayed on a yellow surface with one open and its contents scattered about
photo of two Glowy kits stacked up with the contents of one displayed in front of a pink to orange faded background
photo of three Glowy kits stacked on clear lucite blocks against a pink ombre background
photo of a Dewy, Firmy, Glowy and Softy kit stacked up in front of a pink background
photo of two Glowy kits displayed against a pink drapery with the contents positioned to the side

Glowy - The Night Kit ($146 Value)

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Glowy - The Night Kit ($146 Value)

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An evening regimen to wash away pollution, remove dead skin cells, hydrate the acid mantle, and strengthen the skin barrier.

Product Information

Letter from the Founder Intro

A Note

Don’t forget to recycle the paper band around the box and the plastic tray inside! As for the box itself, may we suggest giving it a new life as (secret) bookcase storage? With the spine facing outward, only you will know what’s really inside Glowy. And presto! They all re-lived happily ever after.

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