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Brightness and Hydration for All

For a limited time, get a complimentary deluxe sample of our new ultra-brightening, ultra-hydrating C-Luma Hydrabright Serum on all orders $50+!

C-Luma Hydrabright Serum deluxe sample gift with purchase offer is valid from 7/17/2024 at 3:00 a.m. ET through 7/25/2024 at 3:00 p.m. ET on orders with a subtotal of $50 or more (after discounts, before taxes and shipping). Gift card purchases do not apply to the required minimum of $50. Offerings subject to change based on availability. Limit one per order. Limited quantities available while supplies last.

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Our Slugging Secret

Drunk Mag Team

Our Slugging Secret

In case you are one of the four people who hasn’t heard about slugging, a brief rundown: Slugging basically means covering your skin with an occlusive ointment before bed. The goal is smoother, softer skin by morning. Thi nk of slugging as a temporary fix, like a Band-Aid, for a compromised barrier, meaning you apply a layer of an occlusive agent (like petroleum jelly) on top of skin at night to create a barrier that seals in moisture and help skin’s acid mantle hold on to substances that keep it healthy. OK, now you can consider yourself an expert.

So what does it mean for skin to be compromised? Well, your skin barrier can become compromised when it’s exposed to formulas that are not pH balanced or that contain irritating ingredients. It can get irritated or sensitized when you exceed your skin’s personal tolerance level for actives or even when you cleanse skin too often.

Wonderwild is a modern occlusive, going above and beyond what we expect from standard occlusives.

Occlusives can be helpful in such moments: Think of putting a tarp over a broken window, keeping unwanted things out while you make the repairs. But their benefits really begin and end at forming that seal on top of the skin. Occlusives aren’t able to provide the skin with the tools necessary to help it actually heal, so they can’t address the core issues contributing to irritation or excessive dryness.

Our Wonderwild Miracle Butter is a modern occlusive, going above and beyond what we expect from standard occlusives, because it was made with a *breathable* formula loaded with ingredients that are actually able to absorb into skin. Wonderwild replenishes the skin’s stores of lipids and substances that keep it healthy and intact while simultaneously working to protect skin when it may need some extra nourishment due to damaging environmental factors.  


If you want to try slugging, you can use Wonderwild as a topper to your eye creams to help amplify their reparative benefits, or as the last step in your nighttime routine, applied over your entire face to seal in and protect the skin beneath (while supplying it with a megadose of reparative nutrients). You can also mix a dab into your morning or evening skincare smoothie, too! 

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