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Laini Latherless Conditioning Co-Cleanser

Laini Latherless™ Conditioning Co-Cleanser

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Fight oil
with oil

A mild, no-lather cleanser for all hair types (including the most fragile and processed of strands) that doesn’t strip away vital protective oils.

Product Information

Letter from the Founder Intro

A Note

When I created Cocomino Shampoo, I chose super-mild cleansing agents that produce a gentle lather, but still, everyday use may be too much for some. I’ve found 2-3 times per week is perfect for me. But what about the days when I want to wash my hair without *any* lather? So we combined strengthening amino acids, hydration-boosting humectants, and softening, defrizzing conditioning agents—and not a single scalp-sabotaging silicone or essential oil. The result is Laini Latherless, the gentlest, most scalp-supportive hair cleanser I’ve ever used.

xx Tiffany

Key Ingredients

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Laini Latherless™ Conditioning Co-Cleanser