Call It a Night Duo ($42 value)

photo of a Been a Long Day canister, lid and TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum bottle on a dark marble surface
photo of the end of a Been a Long Day canister tipped on its side with the Lala and TLC Framboos items spilling out onto a dark marble surface
photo of three Been a Long Day canisters displayed in front of an abstract pink and yellow painted background with the contents of one kit positioned in the middle
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photo of a Been a Long Day canister on its side with its contents perched on top against a bright white background

Call It a Night Duo ($42 value)

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Call It a Night Duo ($42 value)

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T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum Travel Size

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Take two
at bedtime

Head to a dreamy place called clear skin. At night, mix T.L.C. Framboos™ and Lala Retro™ to sweep away dead cells, deeply moisturize, and calm tired skin.

Product Information

Letter from the Founder Intro

A Note

This is your one-stop nighttime routine: Skin needs an acid and moisture. You don’t need to mess with that whole idea of layering and waiting and layering some more. You can mix these guys together and you’re done.

xx Tiffany

Saving Face Smoothie

For smoother, more radiant skin

1 pump T.L.C. Framboos™


1 pump Lala Retro™

Smoothie Top Off

Top it off!

Mix it up!

All Drunk Elephant serums, oils, and creams are formulated to work well together. Instead of layering, waiting for things to dry, and layering some more, you can just mix everything together in the palm of your hand and apply.