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Below are some of our favorite testimonials from the early days. As you can imagine, we quickly ran out of time and space to record them all. Soooo, for an up-to-the-minute, complete collection of our verified-customer reviews, just click on the cute yellow tab to the left! Don't just take it from us...

"I just wanted to let everyone know at D.E that I am absolutely thrilled and love your products! I'm 51 years old and I have been searching, what seems a lifetime to find products that were good for my skin and good for me! Thanks for making such wonderful products. I have been using the Pekee bar, glycolic Night serum and the oil for about 6 weeks now. My skin is less reactive and much smoother! I often buy something only to find out after a couple of uses that my skin either breaks out or I get a rash. It's been very frustrating and disappointing . When I read about your products I thought, should I dare try more products and get disappointed again? Well I'm glad I did!"
-Debby, New York

"The JuJu bar is not a bababoey. This is a great soap. It is up to par to the old wonderbar. When the wonderbar was gone and no longer for sale. I was like, gosh darn it. My face is going to break out!! And it did. I tried an alternative natural soap and it was not good. Then I got an email from the Drunk Elephant. I'm like, let me try it out. Thank God I did. And thank you so much for making such a wonderful, great product."
-Raul, California

"I really love everything so far. My absolute favorites are the Pekee Bar and the Blok Sunscreen. I want to slather that the Blok all over my body - it is so light and non-greasy and soaks right in. I have acne prone skin and nothing has caused any irritation…fine lines have diminished and my pores seem smaller. I was told yesterday that I had a peaches and cream complexion. That was a first! I love the creaminess of the Pekee Bar. It feels so nice going on and rinses so easily and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. The other products are wonderful too and everything seems to be working together nicely. Thank you for sending me the sample pack. I'm so happy to be able to use these wonderful products!"
-Karla, Connecticut

"The Pekee bar has become my "go to" bar. I started out using in on my face. My shampoo ran out and since I wear my hair very short, I thought I would use it to wash my hair. Then my shaving cream ran dry and out came the Pekee bar again. Now I use it as a body wash in the shower. Fantastic product!!!!"
-David, Colorado

"Being a devoted user of the WonderBar for over two years, I was very excited, but also a little nervous to start using Drunk Elephant. That little bar really did work wonders...would the Drunk Elephant products measure up? Good news - IT DOES! And it's even better. My skin feels smooth, clean and dewy. My skin looks firmer, younger and brighter. That's the physical. The true beauty in this fantastic product is that there are no harmful chemicals or fragrances going into my skin. All of the research and love that has been poured into this product line is showing beautifully on my skin. Now my only dilemma...keep this line my little secret and keep people guessing on what I'm doing to stay looking young or share with the world? Haha, I'll go with the latter because when you find a product this wonderful, you have to spread the word!! "
-Amanda, North Carolina

"It (T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic) is literally the best spot treatment I have ever used. After suffering from constant mild acne starting in middle school and all through high school and part of college, that has got to be my favorite part of the regimen."
-Heather, Florida

"I have been here for almost 2 weeks- using Drunk Elephant religiously (which is a miracle of itself) and while traveling- have not had 1 break out! Unheard of! My face freaks out to everything! I got into something (I think it was from a detergent I had to use on my clothes) and my neck was itching like crazy. I used the white bar to wash my face and neck and then put on the Marula oil and it calmed everything down. Crazy! I have also been rubbing the oil on the back of my hands and nails after I apply to my face and my hands look better! Cuticles aren't dry and cracked up. I'm having a blast with this. Can't wait to see what's next!"
-Virginia, Texas

"So I do have problem skin & decided to use the exfoliating Juju Bar & Glycolic serum just a couple times a week, basically interchanging them..The glycolic does absolutely dry out breakouts, and makes some of them develop faster to then go away faster, which is good! I do love the oil but use it sparingly as my skin is mostly well-hydrated so I don't want to offset its balance. I also, Love the peekee bar. So much! I've been using it at the end of the day to remove my make-up and it's thorough, but not at all drying.. I could use this little thing forever:) My overall complexion is definitely evening out beautifully & the scars are absolutely becoming lighter..."
-Samantha, New Hampshire

"I have been so pleasantly surprised! I am usually a bit nervous starting a new regime as I have a tendency to break out with new products. Prior to receiving the kit I was starting to break out a bit (I had been accidentally consuming almonds in a granola bar, and that's a trigger for me), but I figured I would just give it a try. After one week,my skin is quite clear and I've noticed a lot of the redness is gone. It looks significantly calmer over all which is amazing!"
-Monika, Ontario

"Love everything so far and yes I have adjusted a bit because of my sensitive skin... I use every day the bars...and sun block...use the Marula oil around eyes and as needed... The others I an using every three days or so and it is working great. Yeah!"
-Lynn, Washington

"LOVE the products! First, I love the little card that tells me what to do each day. Makes it easy and I don't have to remember what to do. I like that! I keep card on the bathroom counter and it is so helpful! I have religiously used the products and my skin loves them! No breakouts since starting them and my skin seems smoother and looks healthier! Younger too I hope!"
-Becky, Texas

"The glycolic framboos is a wonderful spot treatment for pimples! They're almost completely gone overnight when I use it. It has made the pores on my nose noticeably smaller, too!"
-Heather, Florida

"Love the results so far...My pores seem to be smaller with the drunk elephant which is always a good thing!
-Robin, California

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, Drunk Elephant is amazing. I have already told several people about it and they can't wait to purchase it. I do not want to go a day without it! I have always had oily, acne prone skin. In just a week, I can tell that my face has a smoother appearance and my pores seem smaller...I love how the Marula Oil absorbs quickly into the skin. Thank you for creating such an AMAZING product."
-Megan, Texas

"It's absolutely amazing! I feel that my skin is in its best condition! I can't wait for it to go on sale so that I can purchase kits as gifts! Thanks SO much!"
-Kathleen, Alabama

"I'm a little obsessed with both bars. My skin feels so clean, but not too dry, which is surprising because I don't usually like bar cleansers. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest! Awesome name by the way. I've been telling everyone about it!"
-Jennifer, New York

"I really like how clean my face feels all day, even in this hot, humid weather we've been having. It took me a little bit of time to get used to the smell of the Vitamin C serum...I have combination skin and it has done a nice job keeping my skin soft but not oily."
-Carly, Ohio

"I am absolutely loving Drunk Elephant, it is by far the best line I have ever used. I've struggled with acne for over a decade and my skin is finally smooth! Thank you so much for creating a fantastic product and I can't wait to share it with all my friends and family."
-Jacqueline, Colorado

"So I've been using all of the products since you gave them to me and I haven't gotten one bit irritated. I have the most sensitive skin. I have tried using other vitamin C serums, but I always broke out and got irritated. I've been using the C-firma everyday without any problem at all. I'm so excited to finally find this. Yay! I love the sunblock too. It evens out my skin tone! thank you, thank you!"
-Sarah, Alaska

"I am totally in LOVE with the Juju bar! I want one in a huge size to use in the shower every morning!...I really think the glycolic serum is doing some magic.."
-Kim, Washington

"I love the whole line. It’s really hard for me to find a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my skin. Your Blok Sheer Physical Defense feels really good. I swear, my skin loves these products."
-Ann, California

"My skin type is sensitive, dehydrated, extra oily and acne-prone, so there's a lot to "fix." So far my skin tone is much more even and the surface is much smoother with some fading of post-acne scars..."
-Meagan, Oregon

"Not feeling dry at all. Love the Blok, it's perfect for my sensitive, red skin. It neutralizes the red, evens my skin tone out and makes my face glow. The bars are great too, I like how one exfoliates and you can control how much. Drunk Elephant is the best thing on the market. Amazing, Dr. Masterson!"
-Cathy, Texas

"Homerun with the Glycolic T.L.C.! Not itching, redness or tingling!"
-Erica, Texas

"Just wanted you to know how much I love all the products! I have no blemishes (used to break out with adult acne on my forehead.) Also, I loooove the pekee bar so much. I clean my face and there is ZERO makeup/dirt/yucky stuff left on my face! I did the white towel test and no trace of anything. Thank you, I'm sold!"
-Amanda, Texas

"I'm 2 weeks into Drunk Elephant and am blown away. Every morning when doing make up, I pull out concealer getting ready to cover the usual suspects. The only thing is that the usual suspects are either gone or are fading. I am so happy to see smaller pores and my skin is getting more even. I'm wearing so much less concealer and don't wear foundation. No need. I never went through a dry or rough patch but my skin got a bit more red than usual. I backed off both glycolic and vitamin c for a day. Then I went back to daily vitamin C and every 3rd day glycolic. It's working for me! My skin is so notoriously sensitive that even the ruddiness/rosacea isn't as prevalent; it just looks rosy! It's working! I've NEVER been 100% thrilled or happy with a product, but you have solved the mystery!
-Ann, California

"I'm off to a fine start, I'm using minimal makeup, and decided to use the glycolic exfoliate every other night. I'm prone to breakouts, so I want to go slow. I can sense the "purging" a little bit of my skin, but it's definitely evening out my complexion already. No complaints so far!:) The bars lather really nicely and I can see them lasting a while, which is nice. A little goes a long way!"
-Amanda, North Carolina

"You have done an amazing job! When I got my kit, it was like receiving a "party in a box"…I used the JuJu Bar first. Wow that's some real exfoliation power! Yet my skin was super soft afterwards!"
-Alicia, Colorado

"My first go tonight was wonderful. The product left my skin with a soft, clear radiance. I really liked the oil! Everything smells nice and not chemical-y (is that a word? We could coin it!). I can't wait to see how my skin looks when I wake up!"
-Veronica, California

"I think it is all amazing. I love everything. My face isn't as red, which is awesome. I think fragrance is my enemy and Drunk Elephant rocks!"
-Gina Texas

"I wanted to let you know that I'm loving the Drunk Elephant products. (Helping my skin remember its youth!)"
-Chris, Texas

"I wanted to give you some Drunk Elephant feedback. First, LOVE IT. Fabulous, amazing. For a bit, my skin was getting a bit red/dry. I backed off the use of the Glycolic to every other day and it leveled out perfectly. I think that with C-Firma and glycolic, I needed some time to adjust. As it evens out I will re-introduce the daily glycolic."
-Lindsay, California

"I love the Marula Oil. It sinks in and leaves skin feeling dewy. The oil has a natural, clean smell without all the strong perfume that bothers me. I have the most sensitive skin and Marula works perfectly with absolutely no irritation ever."
-Debbie, Michigan

"I have been using everything each morning and evening for about a week now and I have to say that I'm absolutely in love! I honestly can't believe my face hasn't broken out as I tend to be pretty sensitive to lots of products. I love that there is no fragrance and everything is so simple to use. I will definitely be a regular customer and will spread the word to everyone I know! I absolutely can't wait to see what products you add to the line!"
-Susan, Tennessee

"Overall, I adore this system. Once you moved away from the Wonderbar I thought my skin was doomed, but this system delivered better results and is the best I've tried- and I've tried a lot! Nothing has been able to manage my acne until now."
-Karla, Connecticut

"I really like the products. The soaps are amazing. I really like the Marula oil as well. And the sunscreen. Everything is compatible with my skin. Very very nice!"
-Kathleen, California

"I had chronic itching in a 6"square area on my back-the cream I was using offered very little relief-then I tried the Marula oil and the itching was gone in a matter of days!- I highly recommend this product!"
-Tommy, Texas

"I am a beauty product junky who has tried a myriad of products in search of the perfect "cocktail" for my skin and I've finally found it after 25 years! Not only have the Drunk Elephant skin care products immediately helped reduce my rosacea, my skin has never felt more velvety soft. The bars are wonderful, have a great lather and my skin feels extraordinarily clean after using them. When I apply the Vitamin C serum and Marula oil, my skin literally drinks it in and there is no oily residue. I am truly excited about this skin care line and my skin has never looked better!"
-Lizzie, Texas

"I have used the Drunk Elephant Marula oil and soap for one month. I think they are two of the best products I have ever tried. The oil doesn’t lay on your skin, it penetrates it. My fine lines are plump, my hydration is back in my face and my acne is gone. It doesn't irritate my skin. I have very sensitive skin, so this line is a must for me. It just keeps getting better and better each time I use it. Love, Love, Love it."
-Amy, Indiana

"So I will be the test person for very sensitive and reactive skin (as everything makes my skin irritated) and so far my skin is doing great with all the products. I have never been able to find a sunscreen that doesn’t make me itch or break out. Yeah!"
-Lynn, Washington

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the c-firma day serum! Amazing!"
-Paige, Texas

"I am ready to write a testimonial with great enthusiasm. How much more "reactive" or "sensitive" skin could I have? I'm a 9 month pregnant redhead. In. Love. With. This. Line."
-Steph, California

"I love the JuJu Bar! I need the exfoliation so this bar is my favorite! It has gentle exfoliation & I don't even need to use my clarisonic or a washcloth because my fingers are all I need! I was using it at night but now I know it's for the morning…thanks for creating such a wonderful product!"
-Angie, Texas

"I was lucky enough to get to sample all the Drunk Elephant products. AMAZING! I have oily skin so I was a little nervous about putting oil on my face. The Marula Oil did not make my skin oily at all. Soaked right in! My skin has never looked better. :)"
-Margaret, Texas

"I love these products! I have sensitive skin, so it's amazing! Such a pure product love, love!"

"I FREAKIN' LOVE the Drunk Elephant is super FINE....I love important in Marketing...I would be 100% lured by that in Sephora...I am a TOTAL SUCKER for packaging...even though I know that is not what is really important, it's the product and what's in it, and if it works....still packaging is so seductive...even once I'm lured, if I read about it and ingredients are not good I put it back, but of course I would never put these products back....and oh, I just happen to LOVE the products too! KILLER....ALL OF IT....I WOULD TOTALLY BUY IT...Drunk Elephant is THE FREAKIN' BOMB."
-Kristen, Texas

"I haven't been excited about a product launch in a long time! I’m a fan of bar soaps – specifically those with amazing ingredients like these! Bar cleansers have earned a bad reputation for being too harsh and it looks like Drunk Elephant is going to change that! Marula oil is amazing for making skin soft and honey is naturally anti-bacterial. Plus antioxidant blueberry? I'm in!"
-Jenn, Hawaii

"I just have to tell you this, I am obsessed with all 6 products.…the results are unbelievable. I feel like the fight is over. THANK YOU!"
-Erin, North Carolina

"Wanted to let you know that I have been loving the Drunk Elephant facial products! Dare I say I look marvelous! :) Great job!"
-Laura, Texas

"Just wanted to say the products are AMAZING! I couldn't believe how fast my skin texture and appearance improved and I've only been using the products for a week now! I am experiencing a few small breakouts on my chin and was wondering if that is normal? Or it could just be due to hormones as I am currently 6 months pregnant. Regardless, I have even refrained from wearing make-up because my skin looks TEN times more amazing without make up! Only concealed on the small breakouts. I am so in love with this line. I must say my favorite product is the JuJu bar. I was hesitant at first expecting redness to occur, but it has done just the opposite! My face is SOO smooth it's been FOREVER since it's felt like this. My only concern is what to do when my sample kit runs out!?!? I am already having anxiety wondering if I'll be able to purchase more! :) These products were SOOOO worth the wait!"
-Bindie, Pennsylvania

"One- Thank you for sending me the product line. It is, just in packaging, extremely impressive and well-conceived. You have struck the balance between consumer, prestige and clinical. Two- In three days, I have noticed some wondrous things…and I love your whole message. XO"
-Brandi, California

"Let me first start off by saying how much I love your brand. I recently sampled some of your products and you now have a life-long fan! Being a self-proclaimed products guru, it has been a very long time since I have found a brand that has worked so well on my sensitive skin. Kudos to you on creating such an incredible line."
-Stephanie, California

"I am loving the products. I have gotten several compliments on how great my skin looks. I occasionally get cystic acne that is very painful and bright red. One came up the day before I received the samples in the mail. It was pain free and virtually gone after only a couple days, while it usually takes a week, at the very least. Also, I can't get over how smoothly my makeup goes on after applying Blok. I have combination skin so I was worried my skin would be slick but my skin is the most balanced that it's been in years. The scarring on my skin has faded so much that I can finally get away with only wearing tinted moisturizer. So happy! I know I promised pictures, and I will send ASAP, but I grossly overestimated the desire to send out pictures of my blemish scarred skin. I took pictures after the first time I washed at night and will take more tonight. I literally have different skin. Can't wait to share. I'm going to the beach tomorrow and one of my favorite things used to be that I never had to wear makeup at the beach. This was not the case last summer, it was bad. But this year, I cannot wait to go relax and not wear makeup all week... with confidence."
-Erin, North Carolina

"After using the samples you sent, I can't use any products that have fragrance now. Just the smell of them irritates me and I can't believe I ever put fragrance on my skin! Loving everything, by the way. The redness from my Rosacea is history. I feel clean and fresh and it's all so easy to use. I actually look forward to it. Please make products for my kids! I'll be the first in line!"
-Dana, Louisiana

"I love all of the products so far. They keep getting better and better as time goes on! I live in Montana where our climate can go from 50 degrees in the morning to 100 in the afternoon. My skin normally is very oily and breakout prone. I had used the Wonderbar for about 9 months prior to this and loved it, but often still got breakouts and then had to deal with the whole super dry period. These products have not done that and I love it. I did break out the first week using the products, to be expected when changing routine. These products though made a pimple come out and the next day it was already healing and gone within another day. Three days total- can't beat that! My skin also scars very easily on my face and neck so that when I do get a bad pimple, it leaves an ugly brown mark once it heals. I have already noticed previous dark spots I have fading after only ten days! And the few zits that I have gotten have not left any marks once healed! I am so excited about this. I have found that I have to use the Marula oil very sparingly - I have been using it on zits and the areas that get dry. I have also been using it around my eyes and have seen a huge improvement - no puffiness and dark circles in the morning! So far I love, love, love the products and have no complaints. I cannot wait to see how they will continue to beautify my skin!"
-Acacia, Montana

"Just applied sunscreen after using Juju Bar, love the texture and how it is so lightweight. No white film or anything like I get with others. It even works on my dark skin tone. Good job!"
-Erica, Texas

"What a line! oh my wow. Thank you for creating these wonderful products. Overall I love the security of knowing it's an easy, multi step, comprehensive system. I love knowing it has only beneficial ingredients, and zero unnecessary fragrances. Each and every product is just brimming with goodness!"
-Kristie, California

"I am obsessed with this little bar of wonder! The Juju Bar is the perfect balance of exfoliation and moisture."
-Bindie, Pennsylvania

"I can't say enough great things about Drunk Elephant. I have been getting compliments left and right. I'm telling everyone my secret. Drunk Elephant is so effective on my skin, that I don't think I'll ever go back to using anything else. You couldn't tear this stuff away from me!"
-Erin, North Carolina

"The Blok is by far the BEST sun protection I have ever put on my face. Love the smell...which is crazy to say for sunscreen."
-Kathleen, Alabama

"Overall, I adore this system. Once you moved away from the Wonderbar, I thought my skin was doomed, but this delivered better results and is the best I have ever tried- and I've tried a lot. Nothing has been able to manage my acne until now."
-Karla, Connecticut

"After using the samples you sent, I can't use any products that have fragrance now. Just the smell of them irritates me and I can't believe I ever put fragrance on my skin! Loving everything, by the way. The redness from my rosacea is history. I feel clean and fresh and it's all so easy to use. I actually look forward to it. Please make products for my kids!! I'll be the first in line!"
-Dana, Texas

"I never knew I could feel so comfortable with my face bare, free of makeup! Since starting these products, my skin has felt amazing."
-Megan, Texas

"I love, love, love Blok. Not only is it a stellar sunblock - so effective- it also creates a dewy glow to the skin when applied. It absorbs well without a greasy residue, and works perfectly under makeup or without. I am such a big, big, big fan. "
-Kristie, California

"I have only been using the system one week and I cannot believe it! The Marula oil is the most amazing stuff I have ever used, and believe me, I have tried the best. Obagi, Skinceuticals, etc. And the JuJu bar! Oh my, what a fantastic bar. My make up just slides on in the mornings after I use the Blok sunscreen. ...thank you again for making a good clean easy product line that actually does what it says!"
-Mimi, Tennessee


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